Persephone is back to continue her journey on Earth


Saturday the 30th of April at 1 pm

The Performance

The Return Of Persephone is a series of public performances that will take place at various public spaces in central London. The work is based on mythology, the myth of Demeter and Persephone. Persephone lives between life and death. She visits the world and tells stories. Every time she comes back from the underworld is like rebirth. She looks at the world for first time and she comments on the happenings. Persephone has many faces and an ability to travel between life and death and share her experience with the mortals. Her journey involves elements of different worlds, fear and bravery, fragility and power, life and death. She is walking on a tightrope between the light and the dark abyss. The performances are similar to ritual in their function within the public space, forming a timeless image that intent to distract the daily rhythm of life.


The Story

Having left her coffin on London Bridge Persephone walks on earth again.

This time she walks accompanied by a mythical lion, whilst a poetic story is narrated by a choir that is following Persephone and her beast.

In the second act, Persephone unfolds the story as she walks along the Mall past the entrance to Buckingham Palace and ends up in Green Park. This series of pieces are always focussed on mythology but this particular piece is also focussing on the poetic authority of the public performance and metamorphosis as a basic element of evolution of life.

The Return Of Persephone is a performance that will span at least twelve months in its entirety. Each performance date will be announced around three weeks before the actual date although it will be subject to external factors such as weather.

Please read updates regarding final details of the performance.

Please also note that in order to experience the whole performance, as a story, you are invited to join us at the designated start time and location and follow us to its conclusion in the end location.




The second public performance will start at the Mall side of the Admiralty Arch, just south of Trafalgar Square.



The performance will last approximately an hour and a half.

The People

Written and Directed by: Elena Poka.

Produced by: Natalie Pilato, Elena Poka.

Production Manager: Michael Williams.

Costume and Design: Elena Poka.

Music Advisor: Tony Yates

Music Production: Joao Jesus

Choir: July Zhiyan Yang, Mengting Zhuo

Performers: Elena Poka, Konstantinos Foukis

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